Mara wallet launch date | Join & Earn 200k Weekly

When is mara wallet launch date in Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries are the most asked questions on Google in the past 5 days.

Mara is giving you the best opportunity to make money with no capital down by doing a simple task and getting paid by just connecting others to Mara wallet Apk and you get paid in dollars.

Mara wallet launch date

What is Mara Wallet?

Mara is a pan-African crypto exchange that provides different types of crypto finance needs.

They aim to create awareness and bring crypto education to beginners, intermediate, and experts.

They will also bring trust and loyalty to users as an African crypto exchange platform.

Mara is backed by local and global stakeholders as well as global investors which include; Nexo, Coinbase, Alameda research, FTX, Infinite Capital, and others.

If you have been in the crypto space, you may have heard about Coinbase, FTX, and the likes

How To Earn $200 daily On Mara wallet

Mara is predicted to take the market away from binance in Nigeria and Africa at least

When you register an account with Mara and refer people, you earn $1 and the person earns 2$ too

And yes you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account even before their exchange launch

To get started use the registration link below


To make money daily with a mara wallet you need to gain early access to the mara token.

  • Earn $2 for joining the mara waitlist by registering on their prelaunch app.
  • Earn $1 for each referral
  • Earnings of a mara champion

Mara wallet payment method and Withdrawal

A lot are asking how is mara payments done. Below is everything you need to know about how to withdraw your earnings from Mara wallet Apk.

Mara wallet launch date

  • All earnings will be converted to a mara token after launch.
  • Mara champion – 50% of earnings will is paid out in Naira, using a fixed dollars rate of N500 every month while 50% of earnings will be paid out in mara token after the launch

Mara wallet legit or scam

With many Mara wallet reviews. Yes, Mara wallet is legit and I recently got paid N247,300 Naira for no cost in a month.

Mara wallet review

This is free, believe it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that people are being paid for registering, downloading the App & inviting more people for higher pay

He requested for my account to appreciate me for bringing this opportunity to him. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for join the Mara watch list here 

Mara wallet launch date in Nigeria

According to a verified source Mara will initially launch in Kenya and Nigeria, with its first product being a simplified user-friendly Wallet through which users can easily trade and make money.

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