HealthFi Airdrop – Claim 500,000 HEFI Tokens Here

Welcome to another crypto airdrop opportunity to grab $233 through the current trending Healthfi airdrop.

HealthFi Airdrop

What did Healthfi Airdrop start?

The Healthfi Airdrop was announced on their social media handle on May 22nd, 2022, and many users see it as an opportunity to receive the gem currency for free, which is about to be published on dex after the Airdrop has ended.

The HealthFi fair launch will take place on “Pinksales,” one of the most popular launchpads. Many people are excited to participate in the HealthFi Airdrop but are unsure how to enroll and receive the HealthFi Airdrop.

What Is HealthFi Token?

HealthFi is a Web3 Lifestyle app with Health-FiSocial-Fi, and Game-Fi elements.

Users purchased NFT on the Marketplace which are Jump Ropes, Sneakers, Smart Watches, Bike,… to jump, run, walk, and ride outdoors to earn FIT which can be used to upgrade and breed new NFTs.

Players can choose to lease or sell their NFTs on the in-app Marketplace; users’ FIT earnings are stored in the in-app Wallet, which has a built-in Swap function to Decentralized Exchange such as PancakeSwap,….

Healthfi aims to be the leading health and finance web3 application, the Healthfi ecosystem is made up of two(2) different Tokens “HeFi” and “FiT” Token.

HeFi token is a governance token which will be used for customization fees, voting e.t.c. the total supply is 100million HeFi tokens.

FiT token is a utility token that can be used to LEVEL UP / MYSTERY BOX BOOSTING e.t.c. the total supply is unlimited.

The Healthfi ecosystem are tremendous ways users can earn money through leveraging the modern Web3 Fitness applications which include;

  • Jump to earn
  • Run to earn
  • Circle to earn

The healthFi also leverages the NFTs sphere by giving users the ability to jump and get special items as NFTs.

HealthFi nft Airdrop

How to Claim Free HealthFi Airdrop

Users who perform easy airdrop tasks will receive a total of 300,000 HEFI from HealthFi. To get entries, sign up for the airdrop and complete basic tasks.

Additionally, each referral will earn you extra entries. The top 10,000 participants will receive a portion of the overall airdrop pool, and the top 10 will each receive an NFT.

The HEFI Airdrop: A Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Submit your details and sign up,
  • Now complete simple tasks to earn entries.
  • Also earn more entries for each referral.
  • The top 10,000 participants with the highest entries will share a total pool of 300,000 HEFI.
  • The top 10 participants will get an NFT each.
  • The rewards will be distributed 14 days after the end of the airdrop.

If you’re still having trouble joining the HealthFi Airdrop or completing your duties, please let us know.

HealthFi Coin Private Sale

Our long Awaited Private Sale is Live Now

Private sale:
Total: 2,000,000 tokens – 100 BNB (rate for private 1 bnb = 20,000 tokens fixed)(40% more compared to the presale, and could be worth more than 20% if our fairlaunch exceeds soft cap !)(Tokens will be airdropped after Presale ends and before launched)

HealthFi Token Contract Address

Private sale participants who wish to participate send to wallet:


Min 0.5 BNB
Max 5 BNB

The first 100 buyers of Private sales will get our Golden Platinum NFT Free


HealthFi is a Web3 fitness application that combines parts of Tracking-Fi and Game-Fi.

HealthFi is designed to help the majority of people begin living healthier lifestyles by doing one simple action: working out. They are the first startup to combine all sports models into a single app with blockchain connectivity.

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