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7DC.com Affiliate Platform: Make 100k Weekly

Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing platform to join to make money online and increase your daily and weekly income through affiliate then 7DC is a perfect place to start your wealth creation journey.

7DC.ng Affiliate Platform

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is just an advanced way of marketing other people’s products and earning a commission when sold. Affiliate marketing can work for both physical and digital products.

What is 7DC.ng?

7DC. is an avenue to execute all skills taught and learned from the AffiliatedNg platform by selling various digital products, offline products, and service-based products.

7DC. is where both beginners and intermediaries become full-blown BOSSES of their own (Sales Hacker).

7DC. is where Affiliates act as a middleman between Creators and Customers/Clients.

7DC. Is built on a proven system for making 7 Digits Income EASILY and FAST online!

7DC. is a marketplace where Affiliates get High-Value products to recommend to end-users and make huge commissions.

7DC. is a marketplace for the buying and selling of digital products, offline products, and services.

How 7DC.ng works

7DC. provides people with a marketplace where you can become financially free and independent without going through the stress of finding a product to sell or creating any digital product. All you do is promote other people’s products, sell them, and get paid hugely for doing so.

Affiliate marketers get access to high-valued courses which they can sell to people and earn as high as 80% commission.

You can also become a creator, have your courses uploaded on the platform and get affiliates to sell your courses while you make more money without going through the stress of selling them yourself.

7DC.ng login

7DC.ng Sales Challenges

For each sale level you earn, you unlock awesome prices:

  • With your first 100 sales, you unlock three-fold insurance (Life, Property, and Health)
  • With your first 150 sales, you unlock gadgets (iPhone, Samsung, Tv…)
  • With your first 200 sales, you unlock luxurious trips or Cars (Maldives, Dubai, Mercedez)

Is Affiliateng the same with 7dc.ng?

Yes, affiliated.ng and 7DC.ng are the same platforms and same purpose. The only difference is that 7DC was formed from affiliatedng platform for more efficiency for its affiliate marketing members.

AffiliatedNg Member

1. You log in by the use of the same details as your AffiliatedNg log in details.

2. Have Affiliate rights to most courses for you to sell automatically without having to pay.

Note: This is only accessible if the initial commitment fee of 20,500 was paid and the AffiliatedNg account verified)

3. Have people click on your unique AffiliatedNg link to access any course of choice to buy on the 7DC platform that way you make a sale.

4. You can buy some limited courses at a discount as an AffiliatedNg member right

5. You can be a Creator or an Affiliate
Note: To be a Creator you have to commit to a fee of N36,000 yearly to enable you to sell your products on the 7DC platform.

6. Sell courses and earn N10,000 commissions off each sale.

7. Start promoting products on whichever social media platform of your choosing to boost your possibilities of getting prospects.

Prospective 7DC Affiliate

1. The first step is to use 7DC.ng to register (“Sign Up” is Free)

3. To sell products, commit at a fee of 10,500 to be a 7DC Affiliate or you can opt to be a member of AffiliatedNg instead at a fee of 20,500 which comes with its premium rights.

Note: Being an Affiliate member on AffiliatedNg in this way automatically gives you Affiliate rights to ALL courses to sell and other benefits on the 7DC platform.

4. Sell products and earn as high as N10,000, and N15,000 commissions off each sale.

5. Have people click on your unique link to access any product of their choice to buy on the 7DC platform that way you make a sale.

6. You can be a Creator or an Affiliate once you commit at a fee.

7DC.ng Login

1. The first step is to join 7ng using the links below.

7DC subscription packages and signup Links:

First, sign up on https://my7dc.com/register?ref=chimaobim21@gmail.com

Then choose any of the packages below.

a. Silver package 

b. Gold package 

c. Platinum package  

2. To grant you rights to start selling your digital products commit at a fee of N36,000 yearly.

3. A Creator can also be a 7DC Affiliate and a Member which comes at a fee.

4. Start making Sales Profit through yourself as an Affiliate or through the help of other Affiliates like yourself.

My 7DC Payout

7dc earnings
My earnings so far after one week of activating my account.

Hope you got value? Remember to share with others on how to make money with affiliate marketing using 7DC. For more info whatsApp me 07035655819.

List Of 7DC course

1. Best Personal Branding Course 2023

2. Copywriting course for beginners

3. 7dc Content Writing Course 2023

4. Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator Course 2023

5. 7dc Full WhatsAPP Monetization Course 2023

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