Zuma Cash Loan Review: Download latest App version

Are you currently searching for a loan app that will provide you with quick and seamless loans? Or you heard about the Zuma app and want to clear up some speculation. If that’s the case, you didn’t stumble upon this blog by error.

This article will provide an overview of Zuma Cash Loan, including its features, benefits, how it works, and customer support options. Additionally, we will address the legitimacy of the app and its availability for download.

What is Zuma Cash Loan?

Zuma Cash is a mobile financial application developed by Zuma Microfinance Bank, a digital loan app that was designed with the sole aim of creating a financial institution that can provide eligible Nigerians with quick, secure, and easy access to personal loans. They aim to bridge the financial gap for small and medium-sized enterprises in Nigeria. Therefore, it offers loans without discrimination to both salaried and non-salaried individuals.

Zuma Cash Loan Review

Zuma Cash Loan App stands out among other loan apps in Nigeria and is notable for its unique features and benefits. Among these benefits include a flexible repayment period which ranges from 14 to 90 days and a competitive interest rate of about 4% to 34%. It is also notable for its speedy Approval Process, user-friendly interface, and apt dedication to its users.

Is Zuma Cash App Legit?

While Zuma Cash App provides loans to individuals, it’s important to note that the app is not approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) nor insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

However, many people have successfully obtained loans through the platform. It is advisable to borrow responsibly and ensure repayment within the agreed terms to avoid any complications.

Customer care

You can contact their customer support team using the following details:

Customer Service Number: +234 9121540760

Customer Service Email: zumaloan@gmail.com

Zuma Cash Office Address

Zuma Microfinance Bank, which is affiliated with this Loan App, is located at No. 60 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos. You can visit the office for in-person support or inquiries and be rest assured you’ll be attended to.

Zuma Cash Loan App Download

Please note that Zuma Cash Loan App is no longer available for download from the Google Play Store. It is recommended to explore alternative lending apps for quick loans in Nigeria.


The Zuma Cash Loan platform has become a popular choice among Nigerians seeking fast access to loans. Several users have attested to its straightforward application process, competitive interest rates, and quick disbursement of funds although it is crucial to note that the app has not yet been approved by CBN or NDIC.

Aside from that, They have been noted to provide a convenient solution for those in need of financial assistance. Remember to exercise responsible borrowing and thoroughly research alternative options before making a decision.

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