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As a cryptocurrency fan, ever wondered how to find legit airdrops?

The popularity and expansion of the crypto industry have paved the opportunity for many fraud projects to enter the market to take advantage of the crypto movement.

How To Find Legit Airdrops

What is Crypto Airdrop?

Crypto airdrop is simply a distribution of free crypto assets to users from a crypto or blockchain project. It’s usually used by crypto projects to create awareness of their project in the crypto space.

It’s often distributed for free, which means the crypto project will give out some of its tokens to anyone that meets the criteria laid out by the project.

The tokens distributed could either be a newly launched token that’s yet to be traded in the open market or the one that has already been listed on major exchanges (it’s depending on the project and the airdrop goal).

How To Find Legit Airdrops

Many crypto enthusiasts chase airdrop almost every day but getting a legit one has been the critical issue. A legitimate cryptocurrency airdrop never lacks the listed features below.

The popularity of the coin

Verify whether the coin is a fresh one or an established one.

If the coin is well-known, such as BTC, ETH, or BNB, you should give it some thought because such coins don’t require exposure.

We have already witnessed phony TRX and EOS airdrops.

These coins are well-liked and have high Coinmarketcap rankings.

Therefore, the likelihood of hosting an airdrop is low.

This is not to imply that a popular coin cannot receive an airdrop, but the majority of legitimate airdrops go to new coins that are trying to gain adoption.

Furthermore, since fresh coins haven’t yet gained value, it will be simpler to distribute them in large quantities.

Use Of Google Form

Many legitimate crypto airdrops are conducted using Google Forms in addition to being advertised on official websites.

To that end, only complete airdrop application forms that are advertised on the official website.

Additionally, spelling and grammar mistakes on these forms raise red flags.

Any communication that a legitimate project sends to the public will be edited to remove these errors. Or, do you not concur?

We can overlook a few “translation” errors for some initiatives headquartered in nations where English is not the primary language.

Access For Withdrawal

It will be simple to withdraw the free tokens if a crypto airdrop is genuine.

Therefore, before proceeding with an airdrop, be sure you can withdraw your tokens.

Will the tokens be delivered to a centralized wallet or a private wallet that you can withdraw from?

Will it be able to exchange the tokens for other currencies in a centralized wallet?

Participating in the airdrop may not be a smart option if your answers to these questions are not encouraging.

No Phishing Emails

Please take note that emails are not used to promote legitimate crypto airdrops.

Run if you get emails asking you to click a link to participate in a cryptocurrency airdrop!

Because the email appears to be coming from a well-known project and includes their name and logo, people tend to fall for it.

The airdrop is typically delicious as well.

But resist the temptation. Always conduct your research at the project’s original location.

To be certain, you can even contact their customer support.

No Request For Coins

Furthermore, you won’t have to donate money to receive a legitimate airdrop.

A legitimate airdrop, for instance, won’t ask you for BTC, ETH, or any other coin to claim the new coin.

The most they might ask for is for you to temporarily store a certain coin in your wallet.

similar to the Everdome airdrop, which demanded that participants carry 10,000 HEROs for a month.

Funds are typically requested by ICOs so that investors can receive new tokens.

Where can i find legit airdrops?

The best place is to hunt for retroactive airdrops, most of the people that got a fortune from airdrops usually got it from the retroactive airdrops.

Find and research established DeFi protocols that have not yet launched their native/governance token, and start using the protocol (lending, borrowing, trading, etc).

Here are 3 top sites to find legit airdrops

Is crypto airdrops real?

A reputable cryptocurrency airdrop will never ask for money to invest in the currency. Its sole purpose is promotional. On the other side, a type of cryptocurrency scam known as a dusting scam involves delivering tiny amounts of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to unknowing receivers.


As you can see, there are many sites out on the internet that offer crypto airdrops. Hopefully, these tips have provided some clarity as to which airdrop site is legit, and which one is not.

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