How Course City Nigeria Works: Join Now and Earn 5k daily

Are you confused about how the popular online paying site course city nigeria works? Follow the steps listed below.

You’re required to open a CCN account, which is free. Then you are required to activate the account which cost 1000N. When you activate it you’ll be given a license number and affiliate link.

After your license number is sent to your CCN dashboard you’ll be prompted to deposit 500 Naira to buy a level 1 course.

You’ll be using that 500 Naira till you’ll reach 700,000 Naira.

How Course City Nigeria Works

Checkout how course city Nigeria works

There are 4 levels and in each level, there is specific money you’ll be making.

1. You spend 500 Naira to purchase an e-commerce course, and the following day you have the opportunity to resell it twice for a total of 1,000 Naira.

2. You will use that 1,000 Naira to purchase the level 2 course (video editing course). After purchasing it, you will have the opportunity to sell it five times, for a total profit of 5,000 Naira.

3. You’ll use 4,000 Naira of the 5,000 Naira to pay for the level 3 course (the remaining 1,000 Naira will be sent to ur bank account directly). After purchasing the level 3 course, you will have access to sell it 11 times, allowing you to earn 44,0000 Naira.

4. You will pay 30,500 Naira for Level 4 with the 44,000 Naira, and the remaining Naira will be transferred directly to your bank account.

You’ll have the ability to sell it 23 times after purchasing it. it will provide you with 701,500 Naira. You are through with the levels after you have 701,500 N, at which point your money will be remitted immediately to your bank account.

You can withdraw your course city Nigeria earnings at any moment, so there’s no need to wait till you earn 700,000 Naira.

Course city Nigeria signup

Join to gain access to these courses now at an affordable price of 1,500naira with the link below.


After your registration then activate your license number with this link below make sure to use the same email


Hope you got value, remember to join this popular Nigeria site earning platforms and start making money online.

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