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Course City Nigeria registration

Are you looking for some educational courses that are on sale? Or perhaps you need to learn a new skill to advance your career or business. Whatever it is, Course City Nigeria has a huge selection of educational courses that are very affordable and suited for everyone.

Course city Nigeria review

Course City Nigeria is a platform that strives to educate its customers with high-quality information and skills in E-Commerce, video editing, web design, and affiliate marketing.

Members of the system can also sell courses and fundraise with the proceeds. Through the system, buyers and sellers are brought together.

Take advantage by signing up today and learning the skills you want. In a world that’s becoming increasingly more technical, you need these skills to be able or keep up with the technology boom.

How does course city Nigeria works?

On CCN, once you register for N1500, you will be qualified to purchase a level 1 course based on E-commerce for N500, and the platform will assist you in selling it to two others for N500 each, resulting in a profit of N1000.

Course City Nigeria registration

The N1000 you earned by selling a level 1 course will be used to purchase a level 2 course, which is a book on video editing that the site will help you sell to four people, for a total of N4000.

With the N4000, you will purchase a level 3 course, which is on web editing, and it will be sold to eleven people, for a total of N44,000.

Course city Nigeria Registration

Can I join course city Nigeria registration with a smartphone?

Yes, you can sign up with CCN and start making 5k+ daily. here is a secret on how you can make money daily plus gain the required knowledge for different Courses. Just using your smartphone and data I will teach on how to gain access to those courses.

Join to gain access to these courses now at an affordable price of 1,500naira with the link below.


After your registration then activate your license number with this link below make sure to use the same email



it is time for you to take your dreams and goals one step ahead.Think about what you have to do and never look back until you actually achieve It. One of the key objectives of the course city is to create opportunities for people who have passion for learning but lack the financial means.

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