Since this lending platform is one of the most recent to be founded with the sole purpose of providing loans to people and businesses, you might not be familiar with it. Eagle cash loan made it easy for its clients to access instant loans in few steps, users can obtain loan up to 500,000 with low interest and a maximum of 180-days repayment.

What is Eagle Cash loan app?

The Eagle Cash Loan platform is renowned for approving personal loans quickly. They have a reputation for organizing their loans for individuals and business owners so that everyone can participate in the loan application procedure.

In this article you will be seeing information as regards to Eagle cash loan app, download, review, requirements, how it works, duration and interest, customers service care, and more

Loan information:

Let’s look at an example, so you can better grasp how the loan functions. Let’s say you request a loan for $100,000 with a one-year repayment period and an annual interest rate of 10%.

You will be required to pay an interest fee of #10,000, or #100,000 * 10%, after the loan matures. You must also pay the $100,000 principal balance, which brings the total amount owing to $110,000 (100,000 * (1+10%)).


It is true that the Eagle Cash Loan Platform is a Fintech business. We have investigated the app to help ease your concerns, and based on our investigation, the Eagle Cash platform has served its users well thus far. By looking up the platform on the Google Play Store, you can confirm this. The platform has more than 500,000 downloads, thousands of favorable reviews, and a rating of about 4.1 stars.


The eagle cash lending platform operates very differently from the majority of other loan platforms. Make sure you are familiar with how this platform functions before applying for a loan on it.

1)Make sure you meet all eligibility conditions before you may use our platform to apply for a loan. Your loan application will be rejected if you leave anyone out.

2)You are needed to supply all requested information when applying for a loan, so be sure everything you provide is accurate.

3)Your BVN will need to be provided. The purpose of the BVN is to assist the platform in determining your loan eligibility.

4)Your creditworthiness will be verified by the platform to make sure you qualify for the loan and that your creditworthiness score is very high.

The likelihood that your loan application will be granted increases as your creditworthiness score rises. Make sure you have no outstanding debts with any creditors, including banks and privately owned platforms, as doing so can lower your creditworthiness score and make it more difficult for you to get a loan.


Want to know what’s required to obtain from the app??

Make sure you satisfy all the requirements before submitting an application for this loan.

1) Make sure that you are at least 18 years old. The required minimum age is 18,The required minimum age is 65. You cannot apply for this loan if you are older than this age.

2) Foreign nationals cannot apply for this loan; you must be a citizen of the nation.

3) In order to verify your eligibility for the loan amount you are seeking for, you must give your BVN.


Based on our research, Low interest rates are offered by the Eagle Cash Credit Loan Platform. Depending on the loan you took out through the platform, interest rates might range from 0.3% to 5% yearly. The loan will be repaid faster and at a reduced interest rate as the loan amount increases.

While the loan terms range from seven days to one hundred and eighty days


Contact Eagle Cash customer service at eaglecashservice@outlook.com if you have any inquiries or would like to submit an application for a loan.

You can also go to their office, which is located at 101233 Ikeja Street in Ikeja, Lagos.


want to know how to download the app?

Eagle cash loan app is available in all app downloading platforms (app stores) Such as Google, Play store and app store, If still finding it difficult to download, below are the steps to follow:

1) head over to an app store, depending on the one on your phone.

2) click the search button and input the app name (Eagle cash loan app) then click search

3)when the app pops up click on download, after download completes click on install


Want to know if it is safe to use eagle cash loan app??

Here are our research concerning your safety with the platform, the Eagle Cash Loan app is regarded as a trustworthy source for personal loans. With positive Google Play Store reviews, which reveals that it is a reputable and trustworthy lending service. The platform is practical for people in need of financial aid because it provides quick and simple access to loans without the necessity for collateral.

However, certain documented flaws and technical problems have been present. The app’s usability and user experience might be impacted by this. Prior to moving forward with a loan application, it is advised to use caution and carefully consider the terms and conditions.


Eagle cash is an effective lending platform which helps individuals by assisting with instant loans with little interest rates, once individuals are eligible to obtain loan. Also has a working support to assist and answer to its clients when finding anything hard, however it has been said that the app is not technically perfect as it maybe has some glitches along the line, for safety purposes one can observe the app first by taking a minimal loan first.

In a situation where you don’t find this current app outing to your taste, You can always.

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