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Cylum Contract Address: Claim $300 $CYM Airdrop

Cryptocurrency is becoming a trend daily with the emergence of new projects and creation of crypto job opportunities. Check legit cylum contract address, cylum token review and how to claim 5th round airdrop.

Cylum Contract Address

What Is Cylum Token?

The First Metaverse Launchpad on BSC. Auto-stake, Auto-compounding & Auto-burn all in one Protocol with $CYM

Earn Up to 395,677% APY

Cylum rewards holders with compounding interest, increasing their $CYM assets.

Every $CYM token Transaction will be Taxed a 10% Fee. which is split between all $CYM TOKEN holders and is being Auto-Compounded in their Wallets.

Cylum contract address


How To Get cylum airdrop link

  • Be a part of the telegram group and add three (3) associates.
  • Be a part of the telegram channel
  • Follow their Twitter web page, like, retweet, and tag 3 partners with hashtags.
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Note: You can refer your friends to the airdrop to earn more CYM Tokens.

All you have to do is Just Copy your referral hyperlink from the bot and then share it with your friends and family to get 20 $CYM Token per referral.

Cylum token Contract address

Cylum Token Unlock Date

We are aware that the $CYM tokens should be unlocked today. but from the CYM progress above. the automatic unlock was not made because we reached the unlock date but have not sold out the CYM tokens required to unlock on this date.

Due to this, we have extended the IMO sale until it gets to 100% then the token will be unlocked.

The token unlock days on the website were adjusted to 30 days but the unlock can be made before then if the IMO progress bar gets filled even in 7 days. or less.

If the IMO progress bar is not filled in 30Days the token will be forced to be manually unlocked by Team.

Latest Cylum token review

Cylum Finance token is a protocol built as a Launchpad for Metaverse projects on the Binance Smart Chain. $CYM is the native token for Staking incentives.

Cylum Cylinder is a 1,000 $BNB backup fund, which helps the DAO in case the token price drops dramatically to reassure investors. 2% of the entire supply was burned during launch and with each Transaction, more $CYM is automatically added to the chimney, creating a token scarcity. $CYM is already listed on PancakeSwap.


Hope you got value, remember to share with others about cylum contract address and update on cylum token unlock date.

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