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Ateneo De Manila University Scholarship – $30,000 Financial Aid

How To Get Ateneo de Manila university Scholarship Financial

The Ateneo De Manila University scholarship is a program organized by the government of Philippines to give financial aid to eligible candidates.

This financial scholarship grant is the most effective scholarship packaged by Ateneo De Manila University.

Ateneo Scholarship Financial Aid Inclusion

Before we talk about the inclusions, let’s first talk about the possible beneficiaries of this scholarship.

Ateneo De Manila financial Aid scholarship is given to students who need financial assistance for their education.

Criteria for the Ateneo De Manila University Scholarship

  • You have financial needs.
  • You have the intellectual ability.
  • You have a sense of service.

Financial Needs

The applicants have to answer a financial aid questionnaire or form wherein they have to disclose their financial situation such as their family’s annual income or their family’s annual expenses.

Intellectual Ability

The intellectual ability talks about the applicant’s academics so this includes your grades your academic standing competitions extracurricular activities and such.

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Sense of Service

The sense of service talks about what you do or what you contribute to your community such as charity works like that or also church involvement.

The inclusions in the financial aid scholarship Scholars can enjoy one or a combination of the following: 100% scholarship for tuition and fees, 75%, 50%, or 25%.

book allowance which is 5,000 pesos per semester, transportation allowance which is also 5,000 pesos per semester, and also dorm assistance.

Right now because we’re in a pandemic, Ateneo converted the book allowance to internet allowance and they increased it by 5 000 pesos so now the total of the internet allowance is 10,000 pesos per semester.

They have a higher chance of getting approved so if you’re from there you’re in luck I don’t live in metro manila.

Also, your grant will be applied in the next school year during the first semester   Another frequently asked question was

Ateneo De Manila University scholarship application and Results

Before you are granted a scholarship it’s not the other way around so even though you did apply for the scholarship there is still a chance that you will not be granted the scholarship because you did not pass the ACET so you have to pass the ACET first.

Can my Ateneo scholarship be revoked?

This can happen differently first you don’t need it anymore as I mentioned financial aid scholarship is given to students in need of financial assistance so if you don’t need the financial assistance anymore.

What could happen is that your 100% scholarship might be reduced to 75 or 50. It depends on the family’s annual income and also expenses.


The Ateneo De Manila University scholarship program is giving out financial assistance to students. don’t miss such great opportunities.

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