How to Withdraw Money from the Trust Wallet to Bank Account

Hey, what’s up, everybody! In this video, I will be walking you through how to withdraw money from the Trust Wallet, including how to withdraw money to your bank account.  So, let’s go ahead and get started.

How to Withdraw Money from the Trust Wallet to Bank Account

All right, so to get started withdrawing money from the trust wallet, go ahead and open the trust wallet. Once you have accessed your wallet,  you will select the send button located next to receive and buy.

You can send any crypto that you like, although if you are wanting to withdraw from the trust wallet to your bank account for example you will need to send a cryptocurrency that is widely supported on exchanges such as bitcoin, ethereum, or Binance coin.

If you are just wanting to withdraw crypto from the trust wallet to another wallet or exchange,   the process is the same as well. So first off, for those located outside of the united states looking to withdraw money from the trust wallet,  I recommend withdrawing to the Binance exchange,   which is one of my favorite exchanges and it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

If you don’t already have an account with Binance, I have the link to the Binance exchange in the video description below. And if you use that link, it helps support my youtube channel and would be greatly appreciated.

Easy Guide On How To Withdraw Money From The Trust Wallet To Bank Account

I instead withdraw money from the trust wallet to the binance.us exchange.   Another option is coinbase as well and I’ll have links to those in the video description and again those links to binance and the coinbase really helped support my youtube channel and would be greatly appreciated.

So Binance supports over 500 cryptocurrencies and so chances are is that they do have support for the crypto you’re trying to withdraw. You can see I have safe moons, ethereum, bnb, smart chain, and so on.

Although, if the exchange doesn’t support the crypto you know like the safe moon or elongate or a similar kind of low market cap coin, you will need to first swap those coins for Binance coin using pancake swap or uni swap.

And then you will be sending binance coins to the Binance exchange. And another example is if you have another lesser-known token on the ethereum network you know such as Shiba or you know another ethereum based token, you’ll need to swap your coin for ethereum.

And you can see I have an ethereum balance of 88 here uh 88 dollars as well as a bnb balance of about 27. So you’ll see why in just a moment. For this quick tutorial, we will send a binance coin to the binance.

us exchange because I’m located in the united states,   but again, this process is the same for any exchange or wallet that you prefer to withdraw to.   Same for coin base or if you want to withdraw to a  hardware wallet, you know whatever your preferred destination is.

So go ahead and select the crypto you would like to withdraw. I’ve selected BnB.   And in the recipient address here, this is your deposit address on the exchange you are withdrawing to.

So I’m just going to go back to the  binance.us exchange to locate my wallet there.   So I’ve clicked binance.us and I see here there’s a wallet icon in the Binance app, so I’m going to click that.

And because I am withdrawing bnb from the trust wallet, I will be clicking the BnB wallet, but if you were to be sending ethereum or bitcoin or dogecoin or any other crypto, then   I would select that.

But I’m going to click BnB and this is what we are after here is the deposit button or the deposit wallet address. And it’s the same for every exchange and I am okay I will need to send a memo along with my token along, with the deposit address.

That is fine, so I clicked ok.   And what I’m doing here is I’m copying the wallet address. And now I’m going to go back to the trust wallet. And I’m going to enter this in here or just paste it and I want to send all of my bnb let’s say and then the memo I just need to go back to binance and copy this memo address here.

This may be unique to um oops okay okay memo and then uh do you guys remember my wallet address here. I’m just gonna do this on the side uh apologize I will edit this out and back to trust wallet okay I’ve clicked BnB.

And now in the recipient address, this is that uh deposit wallet address and then the memo line  I have that copied here on the side. You would just want to select that there and then enter in the amount of bnb that you’d like to send.

I’m just going to send the max amount. And then we are all set. We’re going to click continue and confirm that the information looks good. And then now that everything looks for you there’s going to be a really small network fee to process the transaction.

Transfer From Bank to Trust Wallet

And we’re going to go ahead and click send. And for other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin,  it will take longer for the network to process the transaction. And so you can see here that today  I have sent my bnb to this deposit address on binance.

us and so now I will just be patiently waiting for my bnb to hit my binance.us wallet address. And you can see here it already says bnb deposit you see that orange circle there it says it is pending and awaiting verification.

And so from here once you have your uh your BnB showing as deposited and available and there we go it just went through uh so now you can you know withdraw money to your bank account. At least on the BnB app, you will need to first convert it to us dollar or whatever your respective government currency is based on where you are in the world.

And then you will just click withdraw. And then from there, you will just enter in your bank account details and you are all set. So just to quickly summarize you will open the trust wallet and select send.

You will select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw such as bitcoin, ethereum, Binance coin,   and so on. You will enter in the recipient address,  which is your deposit wallet address on the exchange or the wallet that you’re trying to send this crypto to.

And then it will take a few moments for the network to process the transaction and send your crypto across the network. And then you are done you have successfully withdrawn money from the trust wallet and you can sell the crypto for fiat such as us dollar and transfer it to your bank account.

And that’s it! I hope you found this article useful and now you know how to withdraw money from the trust wallet. If you have any questions at all, I’m extremely active in my comments and more than happy to help you out.

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