1960Token.com Affiliate Program Review | Join And Earn $20 Daily

Another opportunity to make legit money online daily by just performing simple on 1960token.com using my strategy shared below.

On the 1960token affiliate platform, you earn when you mine and watch videos on the website. You earn $0.8 and $1.2 on each Task you complete 24hrs/daily.

1960token.com affiliate

What Is 1960token.com?

1960token is a video paying and usdt mining platform, this organization is set up to trade for its members and entertain you through the videos as you watch and also earn

All you need is to keep your mining engine active daily and watch as many videos daily, at the end of the day your profit automatically drops into ur wallet to claim your profits for the day.

How To Make Money On 1960token.com Affiliate Program

Earning $20 here is 100% possible through our well-structured earning system listed below.

1. Members immediately earn #500 = $1  after registering.

2. Members earn a minimum of #500 = $1 daily for MINING; just a click of a button

3. Members earn a minimum of #1,600 = $2.3 and #15,500 = $22.3 instantly for anyone he refers.

4. Non-referrals can Withdraw once they reach the minimum withdrawal amount; any day, with a minimum withdrawal of #11,000 = ($20) must be earned, and payment can be made with USDT Wallet

5. Referral cash-out is any day with a minimum of #11,000 = ($20) and payment can be Received in USDT Wallet.

How To Register On 1960token

To get started with 1960TOKEN, select a suitable TOKEN package you want to subscribe to and purchase it.

1960token package

(a) STARTER = $5 = #3k
(b) GOLD = $50 = #35K

To get started register with this referral link below.


How 1960TOKEN Platform Works

Membership access costs only ₦3k ($5) and ₦35k ($50) one-time payment.

Upon successful registration, you will be credited $1

After registration, log in to your account and watch videos, and Mine the USDT while you earn your daily commission.

The referral system is optional, but if you refer people with your referral link to take advantage of this opportunity, you will earn $2.3 or $22.3. bonus per referral on any Package you selected.

How 1960token works

Benefits Of 1960token

main reasons why every business-minded person should join 1960TOKEN even if you Cannot Refer People

1) Immediately after Registration and Activation you are given a $1 registration bonus.

2) Currently you’re earning a 50% bonus on each successful referral.

3)  You earn $0.8 to $1.2 each day just entertaining yourself by watching videos and Mining the USDT.

4)  And last but not least is that you can withdraw without having any referral. And your Withdrawal goes straight to your USDT Wallet.

1960TOKEN is the business of the future. Go to where opportunity is going and not where it used to be.

1960Token Affiliate Referral

With the 1960token affiliate referral, you are handsomely rewarded for telling your friends and family about the services of 1960token. You are rn dollar commission on each successful referral. This option enables less increase in earning

Is 1960Token Legit Or Scam?

1960token is legit and has been paying members over the months. Check out the withdrawal proof below.

1960token review


1960TOKEN pays its members for doing a daily Task on the Platform, just by entertaining yourself by watching videos and Mining the USDT and also when you refer people to the platform.

Moreover, we’re into sustainable income-generating business and have experts in crypto and forex trading which provides the company with enough funds to pay both affiliate and non-affiliate as when due.

As a high-income generating platform we have already made various ways of enriching each member. as long the Internet space still functions 1960token.com will always be up and running smoothly.

We have everyone’s interest in mind both affiliate and non-affiliate

Stick with us and give more strength to your finances.

Hope you got value, remember to share with others how 1960Token.com Affiliate legit platform works.

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