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Another great opportunity to earn money daily with sunsolar.one app by performing a simple task on the internet. Check out everything you need to know about the Sunsolar App download and how it works. 

Sunsolar app download

What is sunsolar investment App?

Sunsolar is an internet-based investment earner platform that earns you money by completing tasks through the app daily. 

The amount you invest on the platform determines the amount of work you can complete and the amount of money you earn money on the platform.

Is Sunsolar App legitimate?

Sunsolar app for investment was launched in June 2022. it’s an application that lets users log into daily to complete tasks before earning earn. Since it’s a brand new website, we were hesitant to consider it legit or scam. 

How Sunsolar.one App Works

Below is the listing of Sunsolar plans for investment and income If you’re keen to invest in the app, pick one of the plans and get started with the things you do every day.

  • Purchase N10,000 Cheetah 72M HC and earn
    N12.3 Per hour
    N295.2 per day
    N8,856 per month
    N107,748 for 1 Year.
  • Purchase N30,000 Tiger Bifacials and earn

N36.8 Per hour

N883.2 per day

N26,496 per month

N332,368 per year for one year.

  • Buy N90,000Tiger Monofacials and earn
    N2,808 per day
    N84,240 per month
    N1,024,920 1 year.
  • Purchase N200,000 Tiger Pro 72 HC Duplex and earn
    N6,840 per day
    N205,200 per month
    N2,496,600 for a year.
  • Purchase N500,000 Tiger Pro 72HC Monofacial and earn
    N18,528 per day
    N555,840 per month 
    N6,762,720 for 1 Year.

When you complete the tasks provided by the Sun Power platform, the tasks are broken down into three parts
The reward for the task in the first stage is N2,000.

The reward for the task of this second phase is N5,000.

The reward for the task of the third stage is N10,000 accumulated

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    If you can successfully use the invitation hyperlink to allow Sun Power to register, Sun Power will then become your subordinate
    when the system purchases equipment when it purchases equipment, the system will pay the bonus to the Sun Power account
    when the subordinate buys equipment

You’ll receive a rebate of 12% on equipment starting at the lower level of LV1.

and a rebate of 6% on equipment at LV2’s lower level

Lower-level equipment rebate LV3 is 3 percent

If your friend purchases an HC the 68M equipment and you purchase it, you will be rewarded with an additional N400.

If your friend purchases an HC 72M device you will receive an additional N500.

If your friend purchases equipment from TigerBiface and you purchase it, you will receive an additional N1,500

If your friend purchases Tiger Monoface equipment, you can claim a bonus of N4,500

If your friend purchases Tiger Pro 72 HC Bifacial equipment, you will receive an additional N10,000.

If your friend purchases The Tiger Pro 72HC Monofacial, you’ll get an additional N25,000.

Sunsolar.one Sign up

To sign up for the platform, go to Sunsolar.one and sign up. Install the sun solar app download, sign in, and select a plan recharge, and then activate your account. You can then begin your day-to-day tasks.

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