OZC Smart Chain AIRDROP: Claim $10 To Your OZC Wallet

OZC AIRDROP | smart chain

Welcome to maobiplus cryptocurrency network, Here is how to claim Ozc Airdrop worth $10 to your OZC smart chain Wallet without stress and enjoy this opportunity while it lasts.

First, what is OZC Smart Chain?

Ozc smart chain the one of the latest generation smart chain platforms owned and operated by Open Delegated proof of stake with the ability to scale many secondary master node clusters synchronized. This project has been confirmed to oversee more than 1 million transactions per second and also help to fast and low-cost transaction processing.

OZC was planned and created by the first team of more than 30 advanced engineers in the field of block chain with enough experience with IBM, Cardano, and others in developing chains.

How To Join OZC Smart chain Airdrop

First, you need to register for a free Ozc Account and claim your $10 to buy Ozc coin to your wallet.

Ozc smart chain

1. First of all Join Our official Telegram Channel

2. Then click here to join the airdrop

3. Create an account with an e-mail

4. Verify e-mail

5. Login the site again & check $10 added to your airdrop wallet

7. Now Update your profile details

8. Then refer 2 of your friends to receive $1

9. Click on Menu, then Buy Oci then buy the first one worth $10

10. Now you will receive 110 OZC tokens on your OZC wallet

11. You have to wait till the ICO end & distribution(Keep updated on our Telegram channel)

Ozc Smart Chain And All You Need To Know

  • The free $10 amount can only be used to buy OZC coin, and can to be withdrawn.
  • The minimum amount of OZC to buy is $11 and can only happen when you refer to participate.
  • OZC Coin will be opening in next 6 months on binance smart chain.
  • The total number of OZC coins issued is 200,000,000 OZC. While 120,000,000 is available for sale through the free airdrop bonus given to members.

Ozc Coin Contract Address:


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