YBIT.vip review | Earn $10 daily

Making money online remains the only way to life and access to escape hardship and create more wealth through the internet. YBIT is an online crypto investment platform that rewards you with a daily 3% of your investment made. Check out YBIT.vip review and how to get started.

YBIT.vip review

Ybit.VIP Registration

To join the platform kindly click on the registration link below:


How Ybit works

You can start to join the platform with a minimum deposit 10$ and start making more money daily through its percentage rate.

After registration and deposit done by your downline, contact @CryptoXoption for bonus

When ur downline recharge 10$ u get 3$ bonus

When ur downline recharge 101$ upward,u get 5$

The recharge bonus is 3$ for 10$ upward

High agent rebate?

For agent:

i) Increase the agent rebate
– level 1 (from 10% > 20%)

– level 2 (from 5% > 10%)

– level 3 (from 5% > 5%) stay remains

ii) 3 types of agent

– Normal Agent > get rebate (up to 3 level)

– VIP Agent > get rebate (up to 20 level) (level 4 – 20 get 5% each)

– VVIP Agent > get rebate (all members) (start from level 4 get 10% each)

Requirement to become VIP agent

1. You must have at least 10 of level 1 members)

2. Requirement to become VVIP agent (must have at least 30 of level 1 members

Join their telegram group:

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