How to claim 2,000,000 Lovecoin Token Airdrop Free

How to claim 2,000,000 Lovecoin token Airdrop Free

Hello guys it’s another amazing opportunity to claim 2,000,000 lovecoin to your trust wallet free, lovecoin contract address and everything you need to know about the token. Firstly,

What is Lovecoin?

Lovecoin is a decentralized friend to friends cryptocurrency established upon Bitcoin and Tron blockchain technology. It was formulated with the purp7ose of circulating; Love, Happiness, Economic Freedom worldwide and peace among societies.

How to claim 2,000,000 lovecoin token

Click on the link below and register with your name and email address. Verify your email address with the link sent to you and you have 1,000,000 lovecoins.


You can Register through Chrome or any other browser & refer 2 people OR claim with 1$

Search lovecoin token (Bep20) on trust wallet, copy your receive address and withdraw directly to your wallet.

You can continue by mining lovecoins using your phone or PC. Instructions are there, please go through. It is very easy.

Don’t miss this bomb guys….💎✅ Any coin that has a minning app is hardly a scam and it will make people millionaires in future.Run now and grab yours.

Lovecoin Contract Address:


Lovecoin Worth and Value to Naira

As of today 03 September 2021 lovecoin worth is 100000 Love Coin = 20624.42 Nigerian Naira (NGN).

Latest Airdrops:

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