Comegold.top Sign up: Earn $10 Daily Here

Do you know you can earn $10 every day on Comegold.top by performing a simple task without investment?

Making money online is 100% possible when you get the right information. Here is everything you need to know about Comegold legit paying platform including reviews, registration, and how come good.top works.

Comegold.top Sign up

What is Comegold.top?

Comegold is a multi-task platform where users can create an account and start performing social media tasks.

Unfortunately Comegold.top is generally not available in Nigeria, but don’t worry, we will show you how to bypass the restrictions and get access to Comegold signup

How do Comegold work?

You will get paid for performing social media tasks where you will be asked to select your favorite social media by clicking on its icon in the task hall.

The task you are going to perform may depend on the social media icon you selected.

Let’s say for example you selected YouTube, you will be asked to like a YouTube video and subscribe to a YouTube channel.

However, if you want to earn more than $10 you can upgrade to a higher VIP plan.

Comegold.top Sign up

To get started with some gold registration follow the steps below.

  • Register with your full name
  • Request OTP and verify it with the US phone number you have gotten through the source we mentioned above and complete your registration.

How To Perform Daily task on Comegold.top?

  • Click on your favorite social media icon on the homepage
Comegold.top daily task
  • you will be redirected to a task hall
  • Click on “Receive” as shown in the screenshot
  • Click on the “Record” button
  • Locate your task and click on “Complete”
  • Click on the task link and like or Subscribe to the YouTube channel, or TikTok video you are redirected to, and take screenshot.
Comegold.top registration
  • Upload the screenshot and finally tap in “Complete”

Comegold Withdrawal

  • Click on the wallet icon
Comegold.top withdrawal
  • Click On “Withdrawal”
  • Choose a payment channel, USDT or PayPal

The minimum withdrawal is $10 for VIP0

Comegold.top Review

Here is all you need to know about Comegold online paying platform and how legit is it.

I know you would be thinking Is Comegold Legit?

Yes, for the record comegold is legit and paying at the time of writing this review with no record of scamming anyone or crashing investments.

Before you invest, remember that those paying platforms  can crash and disappear in no time, thousands of similar platforms have crashed.


People are making money online paying as an affiliate, blogger, trading, and solving peoples problems online.

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