How To Get Ateneo de Manila University Scholarship Financial Aid

How To Get Ateneo de Manila university Scholarship Financial

Welcome to Maobiplus scholarship hub, in tho article we will be talking about how to get Ateneo scholarship financial Aid and inclusions in the Ateneo de Manila University.

Ateneo Scholarship Financial Aid Inclusion

Before we talk about the inclusions, let’s first talk about the possible beneficiaries of this scholarship.

Financial Aid scholarship is given to students who are in need of financial assistance for their education.

what are the criteria for the selection Ateneo de Manila scholarship?

First, you have financial needs. Next, you have intellectual ability. And third, you have sense of service Let’s go through this one by one For the financial needs, applicants have to answer a financial aid questionnaire or form wherein they have to disclose their financial situation such as their family’s annual income or their family’s annual  expenses like that The intellectual ability talks about the applicant’s academics so this includes  your grades your academic standing competitions extracurricular activities and such.

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And lastly the sense of service talks about what you do or what you contribute to your community such as charity works like that or also church involvement and now let’s talk about the inclusions in the financial aid scholarship Scholars can enjoy one or a combination of the following: 100% scholarship for tuition and fees, 75%, 50%, or 25%.

book allowance which is 5 000 pesos per semester, transportation allowance which is also 5 000 pesos per semester and also dorm assistance. Right now because we’re  in a pandemic, Ateneo converted the book allowance to internet allowance and they increased it by 5 000 pesos so now the total of the internet allowance is 10,000 pesos per semester.

They have a higher chance of getting approved so if you’re from there you’re in luck I don’t live in metro manila. I live in Laguna that is why I was granted with the dormitory assistance however as i mentioned before i was not able to use it because of the pandemic now let’s talk about your frequently asked questions in the comment section first how do i apply for the scholarships so for the financial aid scholarship you have to fill out the form as i mentioned and this form is found in the Ateneo website.

Remember that the financial aid form is different from your admissions form but you have to pass them both at the same time   because the results for your admission and  your results for the scholarship are given   at the same time i personally love this  about ateneo because you don’t really   have to wait for your admission results for  you to apply for the scholarship it saves so much time and also you don’t have to worry about like what school you’re going to choose or   which school would offer you a scholarship and  things like that because Ateneo they   give like all of the results at once for more information about that topic please watch my video that i previously made that is  more detailed and it has more information so check that out For upperclassmen or those who are studying in the ateneo and would like to apply for the financial aid scholarship you can do so just remember to pass the needed requirements like the documents and the financial aid  questionnaire when the application starts however you can only be granted either 50% or 25% scholarship for tuition and fees and not the 75 or the 100.

Also your grant will be applied in the next school year during the first semester   Another frequently asked question was

Will my scholarship application affect my ACET result?

NO there isn’t you have to first pass your ACET before you are granted with a scholarship it’s not the other way around so even though you did apply for the scholarship there is still a chance that you will not be granted with the scholarship because you did not pass the ACET so you really have to pass the ACET first.

Can my Ateneo scholarship be revoked?

This can happen in different ways  first you don’t need it anymore as i   mentioned financial aid scholarship is given  to students in need of financial assistance   so if you don’t really need the financial  assistance anymore then there is no point   of giving you the financial aid assistance  right this can happen when like your   family’s annual income increased significantly  up to the point that you don’t really need any assistance at all.

What could happen is that your 100% scholarship might be reduced to 75 or 50. It really depends on the family annual  income and also expenses.

How does the school determine this?

Yearly we scholars have to pass our  financial aid questionnaire and there we have to update our information like is there a significant change with our financial situation.

Basically we have to answer all of the questions again once we passed that the admissions would review that and they would see if we need an increase with our  scholarship grant or a decrease it really depends   on your family’s financial standing another way  is that you’re not able to maintain your grades.

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